Villi Lappi Kopara mökki

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This cottage, completed at the 2011, is for those who want to have luxury holiday at Lapland. You will find full accessories at here, so you won’t get bored.  And there are no neighbors near you.

At this cottage you find special atmosphere by looking at the sunset by the fire.  When the day is getting to its end you can go to the hot tub at the yard and enjoy Lapland’s peace around you.

There are little teepee at the coast where you can set a fire and enjoy your beautiful views.

This is a good place for different  kind of groups to have celebrations, for firms refreshing programs or just for yourself.  This cottage includes kitchen, living room, 2 bedrooms + loft, sauna, shower…

ALLERGY ACCOMMODATION, pets are not allowed!


Villi Lappi Lapin Taiga mökki

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Lapland's Magic (Lapin Taiga)

This is good alternative for people who want to spend their holidays at cozy atmosphere but also have a little bit luxury. Spring time you can watch swans in the cottages own pond, and at the winter clear white snow waits for skiers.

You can find many good activities nearby the cottage what nature offers, also possibility for berry picking and good fishing lakes. After the active day ends is nice to set campfire and enjoy the Lapland’s peace and quiet around you.

Cottage includes living room, bedroom + loft and sauna.

ALLERGY ACCOMMODATION, pets are not allowed!

Villi Lappi Aitilas mökki

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This cottage which is placed at its own hillside includes all the basic accessories, and offers you the great chance to enjoy Lapland’s nature. You can find Lapland’s peace from your own terrace with the beautiful views in colorfull fall or white pure snow in winter.

There are place for 2-4 people and own sauna.

Villi Lappi Rykimämaja mökki

Prices starts from 79€/day, 450€/week

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Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere what this cottage offers you for good holidays in Lapland nearby its own pond.

Cottage includes all the basic accessories for you. You can find forests for berry picking and also three different lakes nearby for fishing (for example Simojärvi). Possibility for outdoor activities is also near.

When the day is getting darker you can set a fire at the waterside and look stars and aurora borealis.

This cottage is made for 2-4 people and you can relax at the sauna.

Villi Lappi Jyppyrä mökki

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You can find this cottage at the beautiful side of the hill. This cottage atmospheric gives space for at least 6 travelers with large loft and sofa bed. Own cozy barrel sauna next to the cottage gives you the warm and relaxed feeling at the end of the day. You can also admire beautiful views from the sauna terrace.

Modern kitchen with basic equipments help you to cook great meals during your stay. Outhouse, no indoor toilet. 

At the harbor of Simojärvi you can drop even the biggest boats at the lake and keep them safe next to jetty.

Villi Lappi Kilkula mökki

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New beautiful cottage in the middle of the Ranua's beautiful nature, which is perfect for hunting groups or berry pickers. You can find Ranua’s best fish lakes near from the cottage called Simojärvi and Koirajärvi. And government’s hunting lands are also just a few kilometers away. This old traditional cottage offers different kind of atmosphere for your holiday.

Taste the wonderful atmosphere in the sauna and enjoy looking birds nesting at the pond next to sauna.

Villi Lappi Kiekerö mökki

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This cottage is the best for travelers who loves nature, and who want to enjoy their own peace. Cottage is located at the end of the road, and you will find few good lakes if you want to fishing near from the cottage. 

At the harbor of Simojärvi you can drop even the biggest boat at the lake and keep them safe next to jetty. 

Villi Lappi Peukaloniemi mökki

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ThumbCape (Peukaloniemi)

This lodge is placed at the point of river Kellukka nearby the white-water. State of Finland hunting lands starts at another side of the lake. This is a good place for those who don’t need anything else but wood and gas in the middle of nowhere. You can drive in summertime all the way to the lodge only by jeep because there are no good roads near.

Lodge includes bunk beds and sauna. There are no many accessories. Only running water you can find is from the river that Mother Nature heats.

Prices starts from 60€/day

Villi Lappi Huvikumpu mökki


PlayHill (Huvikumpu)

Little cottage without running water but includes the basic accessories.
Villi Lappi Laavu

Lean-on (Laavu)

There's a lean-on and a boat in use of Kiekerö, Kilkula, Lapin Taiga, Rykimämaja, Jyppyrä and Aitilas.



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