Mukava kämppä keskellä Lapin luontoa


This cottage is the best for travelers who loves nature, and who want to enjoy their own peace.

Saunassa on Lapin tunnelmaa

Outside sauna is atmospheric with real Laplander's feeling.

Sauna ulkoa      Keittiö

Cottage is located at the end of the road, and you will find few good lakes near the cottage if you want to go fishing.

Keittiö erä tunnelmaa      Simojärvi ranta

At the harbor of Simojärvi you can drop even the biggest boat at the lake and keep them safe next to jetty. 

Villi Lappi Laavu

There is a lean-on and a boat in use of Kiekerö, Kilkula, Lapin Taiga, Rykimämaja, Jyppyrä and Aitilas.

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