Kopara suuri luksushuvila


This atmospheric and fully equipped luxury villa offers an enjoyable vacation in Lapland around the year!

Moderni suuri keittiö

You can't get bored in this new villa - the equipment of Kopara ensures you have great time here!

Sauna ja kylpyhuone

After sauna it's wonderful to take a bath outside in the warm waters of old fashioned wooden bathing tub.

Suuri ja tilava mökki Lapissa      Tunnelmallinen majoitus Ranualla

From the large windows of Kopara you can enjoy beautiful sunsets in the warmth of the fireplace.


Two bedrooms, large living room and a big balcony make sure that even larger group of travelers can easily fit in. In addition in summer four persons can accommodate the outbuilding.

Tunnelmallinen koti      Koparan loiste talvella

Traditional Laplander's hut with reindeer skins and Laplander bar counters create authentic feeling of Lapland and there's room even for 20 celebrators!

Lappi poro       Poronkuseman päässä sivistyksestä

Kopara is situated in its own peaceful lagoon - in the end of own road, Poronkusema - and there's plenty of own coastline. If you are lucky, you can see reindeers before the windows and stairs of Kopara. You don't have to be afraid of the reindeers - propably they're more afraid of you.

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